Sound that reach far and wide


Orin’ s sound is remarkable.
When it is used for praying, it resonates in supreme tones
yet there is warmth in its chimes
that surround you like a guardian angel.
Orin’ s ringing, said to chase away bad vibes and purify the place
will put your mind in order.

Orin’ s sound is clear, without color,
and varied, even with the same shape.
Polished and always genuine,
Orin resonates in different tones for different people.

Embracing a feeling which cannot be described in words,
sinking deep and echoing far into infinity…
That is the sound of Kyujo Orin,
each note created with care
in hopes of reaching the hearts of as many people as possible.




company nameYAMAGUCHI KYUJO Co., Ltd.
address[Head Office] 2-8-50, Naimen, Takaoka-shi, Toyama, 933-0941, Japan